New Year, New Site, New Brand.

With the closing of 2017 I took a glance at my life and realized how unbalanced it had become.  Everything was ranked as top priority, and my time was spent trying to tackle a lengthy to-do list that given 36 hours in a day would never be done.

I needed to revamp.  I needed to restructure.  It had become glaringly obvious.

Here we are in 2018 and I’m happy to report that when I went silent on social media, I spent that ‘quiet’ time working like crazy to ensure 2018 would be different.   The irony, I needed to work more in the short-term, to work less in the long-term.  I needed to ignore my business in order to put my all into it.  To showcase my best, I needed to take a step back and decide the proper direction not only for my business but for my health, and my family.

I hope you love the direction Wiggly Feet is now heading.  First off, all products are now ready to ship!  With the exception of a few small customizable items, all products are packaged up and ready for a wonderful life in their new home, and with their new owners.  This means all orders will head out our door within 24-28 hours of your order being placed.

With this big change means I am no longer taking custom orders.  I hope our vast selection of products, and materials, means you no longer want to customize!!  By being able to focus on the fabrics I fell in love with, and have stocked full, I will be able to put out more designs in a shorter amount of time.  This also means I am going to cut and sew all fabric in one shot – the sizes made up will potentially be the only available in that fabric.  If you fall in love with a material do not delay, we may not be making more in that design.

—–A new addition to our website is I have added a blog section.  Behind this brand there is one lucky lady, and a few others who help along the way.  I’m not a blogger (in any definition of the word) but will use this section to allow all customers a glimpse behind the scenes of Wiggly Feet.  Be the first to know what is coming out, and stay in the know!  I will also use this section to highlight some of my favourite products and connect you with some other amazing businesses you may not have had the opportunity to ogle yet!

With these larger changes there will be plenty that will stay the same.  I will always strive to provide excellent customer service and a product you and your kiddos will love for all their daily adventures.

Thank you for being you!