Wiggly Feet was established in 2015 by a ‘new’ Mom looking for comfortable and fashionable (yet affordable!) footwear for her baby girl; the kid who constantly pulled off her socks and ate them!

The solution was simple; cotton shoes that were breathable (and therefore comfortable) but held onto her itty-bitty ankle. The possibilities were endless with fabrics coming in thousands of colours and patterns. Before long the little monkey who inspired it all had a shoe collection that could challenge that of KimK.

Wiggly Feet is constantly evolving to create new and interesting products that come right from our hearts into yours. To start 2018 off right we’ve redesigned our website and hope you enjoy exploring through these pages as much as we enjoy creating all the Wiggly items they contain. At the end of the day this shop is built by the community of people who have supported us over the past years, and who will continue to support this small, handmade business. I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

New to 2018 we have added a ‘behind the scenes’ blog to our site.  I hope you enjoy this new feature!



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