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Wiggly Feet baby shoes and baby booties are made in Canada with Mom and baby in mind.  Designed with a built-in elastic ankle Wiggly Feet baby shoes stay-on those wiggly feet, and easily transition from being your baby’s first shoe to your favourite baby footwear product when baby goes mobile.

With a protective toe guard and waterproof, non-slip soft sole your baby can explore indoors, or out, in complete comfort.  Wiggly Feet are made to be machine washable as we know you have better things to do than hand wash your baby’s shoes.

All our non-walker products (Newborn and 0-3m) have your new baby’s delicate feet in mind and have been constructed to open wide so they are quick and simple to get on those tiny little toes.

In summer, or for indoor use, slip on a pair of Wiggly Feet’s low rise footwear.  Made from cotton these shoes allow air circulation around those sweaty, little toes.  When the temperature drops (or if you are in Canada and the sun goes down) reach for Wiggly Feet baby booties to keep those tootsies warm and cozy.

The construction of Wiggly Feet soft soled shoes allow baby to move their foot as nature intended.  As a result, baby’s muscles and tendons can move, stretch and grow with a full range of motion.  When your child is wearing Wiggly Feet they can continue to grow confidence without the hindrance of a bulky footwear product.

Give them a shot.  We bet you won’t be disappointed.

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