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Opaline Low Rise Baby Shoes



Our Opaline Low Rise Baby Shoes are made with 100% cotton and a soft inner these are the perfect indoor/outdoor slipper for your new walker.  With a non-slip flexible sole, your babe will feel as confident as walking barefoot but have the protection of footwear.  Let them get dirty and throw your Opaline Low Rise Baby Shoes into the washing machine on cold.  Let them sit out to dry.  We are parents too; we know you don’t have time for hand-washing!!

All of our crawler/walker footwear (4.5″ and up) comes with a non-slip, waterproof sole, toe-guard, and a comfy sherpa inside for warmth, comfort, and padding. Sherpa is face-down in Spring and Summer to ensure your babe’s foot does not overheat.

**note: Due to pattern placement each pair of Wiggly Feet is 100% unique.

It is cottage time! Stock up on low-rise baby shoes for campfire nights, and cool, refreshing mornings.  You will find your Wiggly Feet low rise baby shoes are the more versatile shoe and will be your babe’s favourite.