White Knit Baby Bootie


When creating the Wiggly Feet exclusive baby bootie we wanted to create a bootie that stayed on your babe and adjusted to accommodate babies of all sizes.  The Wiggly Feet Baby Bootie has an internal elastic to prevent slipping during movement, and a hook and loop wraparound cuff so you may adjust it to your babe’s needs.

The white knit baby bootie is only made in non-walker sizes as crawlers and walkers would destroy this material far too quickly due to its soft nature.  After these photos were taken I decided to make all sole WHITE like the outer boot so photo ops are seamless.  Your booties will come with a white sole.  🙂

Our Spring’20 baby bootie is lined for comfort and is a fabulous baby shoe year round.  Keep your Wiggly Feet baby boot for chilly days, or summer camp fire nights.  One of our favourite summer uses for the bootie is to keep the bugs off, spray the bootie, not the babe!

All footwear products are MACHINE WASHABLE as I’m a parent too; we do not have time for hand washing. Wash in cold water, air dry.

HEY GIFT GIVERS – if you are purchasing a pair of the Wiggly Feet Baby Bootie as a baby shower gift BUY THE 0-3m size!!  The newborn size is great for smaller/premature babies, or straight from the hospital, but as new parents know, kids grow quick and we want your gift to have a long life.  Trust us.  The 0-3m size typically fits baby boys until approximately 12 weeks, and baby girls up to 6 months.  Thank you so much for gifting Wiggly Feet.  We are truly honoured.