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Bunny Low-Rise Baby Shoe


Our Bunny Low-Rise Baby Shoe are made with 100% cotton layered with a soft, cozy inner to cuddle against the child’s skin when they are barefoot. Of course, our footwear can also be worn with socks, if preferred.

The Bunny Low-Rise Baby Shoe is the perfect indoor/outdoor slipper for your new walker.  With a non-slip, flexible sole, your babe will feel as confident as walking barefoot but have the protection of footwear. We have included a durable toe guard to protect the fabric from the scrubbing of crawlers or toe kicks from the bigger kiddos.

During the brutal, cold, winter months the Bunny Low-Rise Baby Shoe is a comfy alternative to winter boots during long car rides, or during early morning daycare drop-off.

As Wiggly Feet have been made for durability and comfort both home daycares and daycare centres rave about Wiggly Feet. We encourage kids to be kids so let these shoes get dirty and throw your Bunny Low-Rise Baby Shoe into the washing machine on a cold cycle. NOTE: as these are WHITE there may be some staining depending on what fun things we are playing in.  It is advised to let them air dry for the ultimate longevity of the product. We are parents too; we know you do not have time for hand-washing.

All of our crawler/walker footwear (4.5″ and up) comes with a non-slip, waterproof sole, toe-guard, and a comfy sherpa for warmth, comfort, and padding.

Our newborn size (4”) is a wee bit bigger than a typical newborn shoe so we can ensure all newborns, big or small, get excellent use from the product. Our newborn size can be worn straight from the womb (without looking too clown-foot) but will fit an average-sized baby until 3 months or more.  As babies are all beautifully unique this is size estimation. The best part about the newborn size is you can skip those awful baby socks that never stay on, or use your Wiggly Feet product to ensure the socks do not come off!  Save your breath for cooling your tea, not warming feet.

Our newborn size has a sole to match the rest of the shoe to ensure the footwear has a cohesive look and is fully flexible for those wee baby toes.

***Note: if you have a premature baby in mind for our footwear, or you know there is a small baby on the way, please contact us and we can make you a 3.5” of the Bunny Low-Rise Baby Shoe. As this is not an extremely popular size we do not keep it in stock but would love to make a special pair for the miracle in your life.

Try out Wiggly Feet and learn for yourself why Wiggly Feet is often the child’s favourite shoe brand. If you have any questions about the product contact us any time.

**note: Due to pattern placement each pair of Wiggly Feet is 100% unique.