Wiggly Feet baby shoes are made in Canada with Mom and baby in mind. Designed with a built-in elastic ankle Wiggly Feet baby shoes stay-on those wiggly feet, and easily transition from being your baby’s first shoe to your favourite baby footwear when baby goes mobile.


Baby Footwear Size Guide:

3.5″ – Premie *great for smaller babes, not only premature babies

4.0″ – Newborn – 0-3 months

4.5″  3-6 months *equivalent to US 2

5.0″ 6-12 months *equivalent to US 4

5.5″ 12-18 months *equivalent to US 5

6.0″ 18-24 months *equivalent to US 7


** US shoe size is a rough guide as manufacturer sizes may vary.  The most accurate guide is by inches!  

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Condor Sizing Charts

Note: not all products are available in size 1. If this size was available Wiggly Feet has it listed. If size 1 is not an option in our listing it means this size is not created by Condor and you should resize accordingly.

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